Planning Music Events

Organizing a musical event takes a lot of planning and preparation, much of which should be done several months in advance. Regardless of the style of the occasion, whether it be a classical concert, a rock festival or a dance celebration, the same considerations have to be made. The first of these is to set a budget, and more importantly, stick to it. Secondly, find the right venue, and make sure it is available. Finally, sign up the bands and artists, arguably the most exciting aspect! Let this blog be your guide to organizing a musical event.

Learning From Past Music Event Failures

29 Jul 2021

If music event organizers are to maximize their success, it is helpful to learn from the failures of others. For example, the infamous Fyre Festival was a logistical and financial disaster. When organizers research the history of poorly received festivals, they are unlikely to repeat common mistakes.

Do You Need a Permit for Your Event?

5 Feb 2020

Organizing an outdoor music event requires the organizer to attend to a lot of steps, one of which is getting the right permit from the city the event is held in. Without this, your event risks getting shut down before it could happen.

Sports Events

28 Nov 2019

If you’re into events, try live sports! Live sports are the most popular events in America and are great ways to get everyone together. Sports events like the Super Bowl fill stadiums more than any other sports event in the country. In fact, out of the top ten most watched TV programs in America, nine are Super Bowls! It’s no surprise that this event is one of the most popular in the country.

Betting on Sports

The best way to enjoy sporting events - besides having a brew and spending time with friends - is by making money at the same time! Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in America now that new legislation allows for legal gambling on sports in certain states. This is a fun way to engage in sports matches, even when the odds aren’t in your favor.

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Plan Your Music Event Ahead of Time

3 Nov 2019

Outdoor music festivals take a lot of time to organize. You need to find the right venue, book the artists, transport the instruments, find vendors, and most of all, coordinate everything together to make the event work. It takes months in preparation to have a successful event.